I cut my computing teeth in the 8 bit era of the 1980's writing BASIC and assembler programs. Even back then I found myself wondering how good/fast things were and found myself taking measurements. Sometimes I wondered if others would find these measurements useful, so from now on I will put any such measurements up on here.

This is a hobby site so updates will be erratic, but on the flip side I will only put pages on here that I believe are worth reading. If you think I am answering a strange question, well I don't have time for clickbait, I really was wondering about what you are seeing.

Professionally I am a software engineer with an electronic engineering background. I have been using Linux since around kernel 0.92 and before then I was on the Atari ST. Like many techies I am forced to use Windows but my heart really isn't in it, so I will be heavily Linux centric on here. There might be some silly projects too, I can't promise sensible, I am doing this for fun.